Managing Emotions: Emotional Intelligence in Practice
Duration: 1-2 days (depending on the individual needs)

Language: Polish or English

If you work on your emotional intelligence you become more successful in every aspect of your life, including your professional career. Some researchers claim that emotional intelligence is twice as important as cognitive intelligence. Emotional intelligence enables people to function effectively in teams, communicate better, manage employees better. High emotional intelligence makes people healthier and happier. Due to the fact that the theory of emotional intelligence has been widely discussed, we aim to deliver a highly practical training programme.

Advantages for the participants:

  • The participants will get to know themselves better and, because of that, will understand others better
  • They will learn how their own emotions influence others
  • They will develop strategies to deal with their emotions more effectively

Advantages for the company:

  • Increased effectiveness of team work
  • Less conflicts

About us


Our mission is to ensure Your company’s success by delivering practical business training programmes adjusted to Your company’s individual needs.
Thanks to personal growth of the participants, our training programmes will become milestones in the development of Your company and will help You to achieve your business goals.
We kindly invite You to take a look at the training programmes offered by us.

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Katarzyna Puzynska Milestones Development and Training

Why us?

Adjustment and specialization.

Have you always been happy about the trainings delivered by big training companies?
Very often they offer standard training programmes and do not adjust them fully to the needs of individual clients. We, however, offer flexibility and 100% adjustment to your company.
We do not offer training programmes dealing with every skill or problem. We prefer deep specialization in several topics in order to suit your needs even better.